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Bas (mortgage underwriter)

"In my job as a mortgage underwriter, every day is different and every file I handle is different. This ensures that I learn something new every day. Making an important contribution to realizing housing dreams makes me happy."

Lianne (KCC Telephony employee)

"I am working as an employee KCC Telephony. Working at Quion's KCC is very dynamic. We work for many different lenders, which means we get the most diverse questions about mortgages. Besides answering the question, the Customer Experience is key and I try to exceed customer expectations. I listen to the customer's question and always try to find out the question behind the question, so I can give the customer the right answer at once."

Jessie (Senior Associate Back Office)

"I work as a senior associate back office employee. My job is different every day! That's also what makes my job so much fun. For example, I'm involved in the migration of a new customer and I'm the point of inquiry for the team. If there is anything I am there for them. Both in terms of work content but also if someone is not feeling well for a while I offer a listening ear."

Veerle (developer)

"At Quion I get a lot of opportunities to grow further and look at my own personal development. I started as an application specialist and I wanted to grow further into a Developer role. I got that opportunity!

Quion is a cool company with great colleagues where there is a good atmosphere and a lot of technical challenges."