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The story of Lianne

In the "stories of" this time we speak to Lianne de la Haye. She enjoys working at our Telephony Customer Contact Center.

"Hi Lianne, how did you end up at Quion and why did Quion appeal to you?"

"I worked at a large bank for 12 years and had the opportunity to learn about the world of mortgages there. I have always found this very interesting. After spending some time at home with my children, I was again looking for a nice part-time job that I could combine well with my family. The combination of mortgages and customer contact made me very excited about the position of Customer Contact Center Representative at Quion."

"What makes your workday at the KCC fun?"

"I get the most energy when I've been able to really help a customer. For many consumers, a mortgage is not something they deal with every day and it involves a lot of money. That makes people sometimes find it exciting and are afraid they might do something wrong. Therefore, I really like helping someone with their question and being able to explain something clearly and that at the end of a conversation a customer says, "thanks you really helped me!". To really enjoy this job, you must have an affinity for mortgages and be eager to learn more about them. In addition, a passion for customer contact is of course very important.

In addition to my work on the phone, I also get the opportunity to guide other colleagues and make them better at their jobs. When I receive feedback that I have really helped someone, I go home with a smile on my face!"

"Is Quion a nice employer? And why does Quion suit you so well?"

"Quion suits me well because I am simply very interested in financial services and especially mortgages. There is also a nice informal atmosphere. You don't have to wear a suit here, just normal. The fact that I can work part-time and that there is a lot of flexibility also ensures that I can combine it well with my family. And that is very important to me at this stage of life."

"What are your ambitions?"

At the moment I am still really enjoying myself at the KCC and there are still plenty of development opportunities. For example, to senior associate. And Quion is so big that there are also plenty of opportunities to grow into other departments. So who knows what I'll do when my kids are a bit older!"